Mercer Township Assessor

A message from your Assessor

My primary goal is to assess your property fairly and with uniformity.
I want transparency for every parcel owner through good assessment practices.
I will answer all assessment questions and concerns.

I will ensure that all Mercer Township parcel owners will have an assessor that cares and will do a good job for their fair tax burden.
I am a lifelong resident of Mercer County and lived in Aledo for the last 27 years.


  • 3 years of service on the Mercer County Board of Review
  • I was asked to serve on the Board of Review because of my experience of valuing property as an Insurance Agent, I work with clients to value their property, to ensure they will be made whole, in the event of a loss.
  • Serving on the Board of Review
  • We reviewed your appeals and worked with the residents of Mercer County correcting assessments and helping parcel owners understand their assessments.

I am a Certified Illinois Assessment Officer
I am also licensed in property, casualty, life and health insurance

I will do my best to answer phone calls and emails, the day they are received.


Terrie VanOpdorp


Office Information

  • Mailing Address: 111 SW 5th Street., Aledo, IL 61231



Terrie VanOpdorp,  CIAO

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